The Proof is in the Product

Here at Wood Ward, we have made it our mission, not just to convey the spirit of Michigan through our original designs, but to ensure that the apparel we curate for printing meets those same high standards. With over 15 of years in the apparel/printing industry and 40+ years of combined industry experience, we have seen it all. Through field testing a variety of product lines, we have created a collection that focuses on quality, comfort, functionality, and style to make every piece offered by Wood Ward part of your regular rotation in your wardrobe.


Too often we see offerings with good designs printed on low grade garments. Or high end garments with boring designs lacking any inspiration at prices that leave you disappointed by the time it arrives at your doorstep. You won’t feel that way when you order from because our products are curated and printed right here in the state of Michigan.


So while terms like triblend, soft hand, sponge, ringspun, and woven may not mean much to you as the customer, trust us when we say that these are just some of the attributes that allow us to deliver a superior product. We promise to be on the forefront of new trends, decoration methods and design features that reflect the Great Lakes State Mentality. We hope you enjoy and continue to Wear the Mitten.