From City to State

If you live in Michigan, you’re familiar with the iconic Woodward Avenue. Detroit’s Main Street has become so much more than the 27 mile stretch of concrete and asphalt, but the history of the name reflects a mindset that still rings true for anyone who considers themselves a Michigander.


To the Woods. From the hustle and bustle of the big city to the calming nature that surrounds our state in the form of forests, coastline, and lake life. No matter where you reside in the Mitten, we’ve all experienced the desire to flee “Up North” where life is simpler and we can escape the stress of City Life.


This is what inspires our brand. Wood Ward provides the best of both worlds for apparel the same way our state of Michigan provides unique experiences from the city of Detroit stretching to the Mackinac Bridge, our gateway to the UP. When we say Wear the Mitten, we mean it. No matter where you call home.