Behind the Design: Old School Logo Inspires 2021 Detroit St. Patty's Day Tee

If St. Patrick's Day is known for anything in the Metro Detroit area, your first thought is probably the crowds packed into the bar to celebrate with green beer and all of the Irish Whiskey you can handle.

The next thing thing that crosses your mind is surely to be those classic t-shirts that have sat in your closest or folded in your dresser for the last 364 days, just waiting for their time to shine on St. Patrick's Day. We've come a long way since the limited offerings of basic tees with "Kiss Me I'm Irish" or "Shake Your Shamrocks" emblazoned across the front of a shirt that has probably seen better days.

The luck of the Irish is on your side because this year we created the perfect St. Patrick's Day T-Shirt for any Detroiter in your life and it's exclusive to, FAMS in Downtown Romeo, and Woodward Standard Print House in Downtown Birmingham.

If you're a hockey fan, you might recognize the logo for our latest offering. Even though Detroit is Hockeytown, good design is hard to ignore. So with a little inspiration from our neighbors to the North, we turned to the Edmonton Oilers classic logo that has remained virtually unchanged since 1972.


The Edmonton Oilers classically styled round logo has not changed over 40 years of franchise existence. Although the team has seven logos, they are all of the same types. There have been no major changes since 1972. The adjustments concerned only minor nuances: shades of color and edging. Such consistency speaks of the stability of the franchise – that the chosen emblem perfectly matches its concept. Therefore, even after changing the name of Alberta Oilers to Edmonton Oilers, the club remained with its debut version.



The simplicity of the design paired with a recognizable font makes this a t-shirt that should never be reserved for one day of the week. We had to throw in that four leaf clover for a little luck of the Detroit Irish, but this shirt is sure to strike up a conversation no matter where you decide to partake in the festivities. From Youngers Irish Tavern in Romeo to The Old Shillelagh in Detroit, this shirt will make sure you fit in at whatever bar you find yourself at on March 17th.

The Garment

You know we had to print this t-shirt on our finest Triblend T-Shirts. The Heather Kelly garment is perfect for the celebration but transcends the Holiday with its vintage look and feel. And just in case its cold on St. Patrick's Day, we offered the same awesome print in a complimenting hooded sweatshirt. Who are we kidding? It's Michigan better buy both just in case!

This shirt definitely gets the Preemo Stamp of Approval for its design, garment quality, and variety of available styles. Available while supplies last!
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